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About the Artist

Candis Lane is my given name, and since I've lived in the south for most of my life, many of those close to me have used it in its entirety as a term of endearment (except my  mom, when I was in trouble).

Candis has had careers in radio, television, public relations, marketing, event management, and most recently (read: most importantly), Mom. As her children have become more independent, she's had more time to focus on a creative outlet she'd been dreaming of for years. 

Candis works in her home studio in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where she creates what she hopes will be lasting treasures. She uses her hands and traditional hand tools to forge one-of-a-kind pieces that she hopes you will love.

Care and Keeping

Our fine handmade jewelry is made of sterling silver and copper and it's made to last. These metals will naturally tarnish over time, and should therefore be cleaned with a soft jewelry cloth or with a toothbrush and a little dish soap. Your pieces can also scratch, so take care to place them in a location where they won't rub against your other jewelry. 

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